Board of Trustees

Saint Mark’s School is a not-for-profit, independent school governed by a Board of Trustees. Trustees are current parents, parents of alumni, professional educators, and members of the St. Mark’s Church Vestry. The board hires and supports the Head of School, maintains fiduciary oversight, and upholds the mission of the school through establishing broad institutional policies. Trustees volunteer their time and lend their expertise to ensure a strong future for Saint Mark’s School.

(l to r): Syma Iqbal, Linda Lopez-Perera, Daniela Simpson, John Kedeshian, Mike Silva, Reynolds Cafferata, Stephen Sachs, Richard Chino, Matt Wright, Jennifer Tolbert, Daniel Thein, Marti Farley, John Wong, Coleen Novak, Mark Lim, Jill Dennis, Scott Patridge, Ken Lee, Matthew Regan, Kendall Simmonds
Not pictured: Armen Dikranian, Penny Gill, The Rev. Carri Patterson Grindon, Nada Jones, and Ed Ramirez