Upper Elementary: Grade 3-6

 At a Glance

  • Ethnic diversity: 54%
  • Average elementary class size: 16
  • Elementary student-teacher ratio: 8 to 1
  • Elementary student-teacher ratio: 8 to 1
  • Leadership opportunities including Student Leadership Council and advisory/peer buddies

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Low Student-Teacher Ratio

Upper elementary school represents a time of transition and increasing independence for Saint Mark’s students. With the support of teachers, third- through sixth-grade students become advocates for their own learning and develop valuable study and time management skills crucial to success in middle school. A departmentalized approach is used in fifth and sixth grades. Students rotate between grade level teachers for instruction in mathematics, science, and English. Teachers strive to provide opportunities for collaboration, leadership, self-expression, and creativity across all subject areas.

We see children as valuable and unique individuals at Saint Mark’s School. Our goal is to support their academic growth and development in an atmosphere that respects and builds upon students’ interests and personal strengths. We involve students in challenging activities that develop skills in problem solving, critical thinking, reasoning, and collaboration.

Kelly Mancuso, Assistant Head of School

Educational Field Studies

The Educational Field Studies trips, beginning in fourth grade, are some of the most highly anticipated moments. Lessons learned in the classroom are brought to life as students become active participants in Californian and American history and an active, outdoor science adventure.

As students become increasingly independent and responsible, they are asked to look forward and outward and engage in service to others through our student-led Student Leadership Council (SLC).

At Saint Mark’s, we value the competencies of each child and are committed to helping children reach their unique potential by bringing learning to life in a safe and nurturing environment. Our early childhood programs provide learning experiences that are grounded in children’s interests and are developed around learning in several disciplines.

Kelly Mancuso, Assistant Head of School


Upper elementary students attend chapel twice a week where they learn that each member of the school’s community is valued and celebrated, regardless of his or her race or religious beliefs. Chapel programs serve as the center of the school’s spiritual life, build community, celebrate diversity, and inspire a lifelong respect for service and citizenship.