At a Glance

Faculty & Staff (2020-2021)
73, full and part-time

Students (2019-2020)
Ethnic diversity: 54%
Average elementary class size: 16
Average preschool class size: 14
Elementary student-teacher ratio: 8 to 1
Preschool student-teacher ratio: 7 to 1

Saint Mark’s School is accredited by the California Association of Independent Schools and Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Tuition Assistance (2020-2021)
Students receiving tuition assistance: 30%
Average tuition assistance award: 48% of scheduled tuition

Finances (2019-2020)
Revenues: $6.0 million
Tuition: 79% of operating costs
Annual giving: 10% of operating costs
Other fundraising: 1% of operating costs
Employee salaries and benefits: 79% of operating costs