Our commitment to cultivating the best environment for foundational learning and growth is witnessed everyday in our graduates.

Middle School Matriculation

Our classrooms, school activities, and programs all provide an education that fosters intellectual curiosity, empathy towards others, and confidence in self. These values are reinforced by our tight-knit network of teachers, parents, faculty, and students, who continually model the support needed for students to take risks and explore their own potential.


Middle school admissions directors repeat similar reasons why they want Saint Mark’s graduates in their student body–they are kind, inclusive, adaptable, academically prepared, and leaders. We are proud that, by cultivating an intentional learning environment at Saint Mark’s, we are raising up confident and compassionate individuals who are creating meaningful impact in their families, communities, and world.

Middle School Placement

We partner with families throughout the middle school placement process, which can bring about a range of emotions for parents and students. The Head of School, along with members of the faculty, actively work with parents and students throughout the placement process to optimize choice and the best fit for each child. Our primary goal is to find the right match for the student to maintain their academic success. On average, 90% of our graduates matriculate to their first choice middle school.

Saint Mark’s graduates attend the best schools in the area, including the following:

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