Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ)

We cultivate lifelong learners who embody empathy, exhibit respect, practice inclusivity & advocate for justice.

Shaped by Episcopal values and integral to our mission, Saint Mark’s has a long and abiding commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ). We actively seek to weave these core values into the fabric and culture of the school at all levels, including our leadership, educational program, practices, and policies. 


We strive to build and support an inclusive environment where everyone feels safe, accepted, and valued and that honors the diversity of experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives in our community and in our academic program. We are committed to the ongoing effort and intention required to live out our mission fully, including confronting bias and injustice; actively seeking input from all community members; creating intentional spaces for vigorous self-reflection and courageous dialogue; empowering our students to be proud of their identity; modeling respect, compassion, and empathy; and taking responsibility to create a more equitable school and world.

"Children learn best, and flourish most, when they encounter perspectives, people, backgrounds, and experiences other than their own. Diversity, equity, and inclusion speak to our highest ideals for a just society. The Saint Mark’s mission alongside our DEIJ work gives us a unique advantage for families that are looking for a school that provides a foundation for life, Saint Mark’s is that school."

STRIDE (School Team Reaffirming Inclusivity Diversity and Equity)

STRIDE is a committee of invested parents, faculty, and staff that supports and advances the school’s mission of fostering a nurturing environment that respects diversity. All of STRIDE’s activities are coordinated in partnership with the school and under the guidance of school leadership. We also meet regularly throughout the year to discuss our projects and initiatives.

STRIDE’s role in supporting the School’s mission is to:

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