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The Saint Mark’s School Parent Education program extends from our commitment to the community. Throughout the year, we offer opportunities for parents to engage in open discussion, workshops, and speaker sessions, where they can gain valuable resources, new ideas and insights, practical advice, and support from the Saint Mark’s community.

Virtual Parent Ed with Tina Bryson

Monday, August 23 at 6 pm

Parenting Matters: Practical Ways to Not Just Survive the Pandemic, but to Help your Child Thrive this School Year and Beyond
While we’re in a time when much is out of our control and the unpredictability of life can be hard on us and on our kids, what we do as parents can make a huge difference in how our kids experience the world. We are meaning-makers for our kids, so how we handle challenging times impacts how they feel, behave, and who they become. Join us for practical tips on how to be intentional about setting your kids up for the transition back to school, how to help our kids when they’re having a hard time, and for helping them become happy, healthy, and resilient. We’ll have plenty of time for Q/A to support you in navigating the transition back to school and for your parenting and child development questions.

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