Saint Mark’s preschool program builds upon a child’s natural curiosity to discover and understand their world through the implementation of developmentally appropriate practice in creative and supportive learning environments. We use a whole child approach by encouraging all aspects of children’s development and use a hands-on, minds-on philosophy in which children are actively engaged in purposeful activities to lay a solid foundation for future learning. Using a research-based curriculum and a project and inquiry-based teaching and learning approach, teachers skillfully weave content from a variety of learning disciplines into thoughtfully crafted lessons that facilitate meaningful learning opportunities for children.

Additionally, our early childhood education program enhances and facilitates children’s construction of their own powers of thinking and develops their sense of wonder by providing opportunities to engage in concrete learning experiences and to explore various avenues for creative expression. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers implement the best of reflective teaching practices and provide children with opportunities to develop self-confidence and an enthusiasm for learning through a combination of whole group instruction, center-based learning activities, and individualized attention.

Our early childhood program provides hands-on experiences and fosters a strong foundation for social interaction and learning in each of the developmental domains. The joy of exploration and discovery can be seen on children’s faces as you walk through the Outdoor Classroom where children can be seen studying new flower buds on a pumpkin vine, creating new paint colors in the art center, immersing their hands in sand construction, and creating exciting play narratives in the dramatic play area with friends.

Bailey Tripp
Preschool Director