The defining characteristics of an Episcopal education play a key role in setting our school and graduates apart. 

Episcopal Identity

Our Episcopal identity is central to our commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and service to others. It serves as a guiding force behind our dedication to providing an outstanding education, fostering academic curiosity that shapes lifelong learners, and nurturing empathetic, principled leaders who strive for justice, peace, and the value of human dignity. As a community, we actively live out these principles in our daily interactions. 

Our chapel gatherings are a cornerstone of creating a sense of belonging, allowing students to reflect on their inner selves in age-appropriate ways and respond to the world around them. Through chapel and service-learning programs, Saint Mark’s students cultivate a genuine concern for others and a strong moral compass that guides them through their elementary years and into their adolescence and adulthood.

Elementary students attend chapel once a week where they learn that each member of the school’s community is valued and celebrated, regardless of their race or religious beliefs. Chapel programs serve as the center of the school’s spiritual life, build community, celebrate diversity, and inspire a lifelong respect for service and citizenship.

Rev. Pere Reginald visits Saint Mark's in 2016

Haiti Partnership

Saint Mark’s School and Saint Mark’s Church are proud to partner with Ste. Marguerite, a school in Latournelle, Haiti. The church and school’s relationship with Ste. Marguerite began in 2011, shortly after the devastating 2010 earthquake. Pastor Carri Patterson Grindon and Doreen Oleson, Head of School at the time, visited Haiti and witnessed the community’s needs firsthand. Since then, Saint Mark’s has taken an active role in providing much-needed assistance to our partner school and other students in Haiti. Throughout the school year, our Student Leadership Council and sixth-grade students lead fundraising efforts to support this cause. 


The need for the supportive partnerships with Epsicopal schools remains critical to the long-term rebuilding of Haiti following the earthquake and considering the current state of the country. We are committed to continuing our support and making a positive impact on the lives of the students and community in Haiti.

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