Lower Elementary


Lower Elementary: Kindergarten to Grade 2

At Saint Mark’s, classes are taught by exceptional faculty. Our teacher intern program ensures that classes are taught by both a teacher and a teacher intern. Our 10:1 student-to-teacher ratio allows each teacher to structure their learning environment and materials to each student’s learning style and strength. This ensures that as students progress through lower elementary, they build strong foundations in reading, writing, and math; explore the natural and physical world around them; and enhance their learning through the use of technology. The lower school program fosters intellectual curiosity, inspiring students to make connections, ask questions, think analytically, and act with integrity, all within the confines of a supportive and nurturing environment.

Each week includes blocks of time dedicated to literacy, mathematics, writing, and theme studies in social studies and science, as well as Spanish, technology, music, art, library, and physical education. Our dedicated teachers collaborate between classes and grade levels, ensuring a thorough understanding and application of subject matters. Class projects, performances, and presentations allow children to share their learning with their peers and gain valuable experience formulating opinions and presenting their ideas to others.

Lower elementary students attend chapel twice a week where they learn that each member of the school’s community is valued and celebrated, regardless of his or her race or religious beliefs. Chapel programs serve as the center of the school’s spiritual life, build community, celebrate diversity, and inspire a lifelong respect for service and citizenship.

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At Saint Mark’s, we value the competencies of each child and are committed to helping children reach their unique potential by bringing learning to life in a safe and nurturing environment. Our early childhood programs provide learning experiences that are grounded in children’s interests and are developed around learning in several disciplines.

Kelly Mancuso
Assistant Head of School