We believe that education is not simply what is taught, but also how it is taught.

Engaging Academics

Our school utilizes the Responsive Classroom framework for learning, where our strong academic curriculum is strengthened by our attention to the social and emotional needs of students. This intentional and hands-on approach creates a supportive space where students develop resilience and patience, a greater capacity to focus and retain knowledge, and an overall eagerness to embrace the joy of learning.


Because we are a small school with a low student-to-teacher ratio, we can be very intentional and nimble in maximizing students’ learning potential and interests. Everyday we witness our students who are engaged in our classrooms and in their world.


Our curriculum reinforces our commitment to creating lifelong learners. Our math program, science and tech labs, and outdoor classrooms are examples of how we implement research-based approaches to teach academic inquiry, exploration, and failing forward. Our goal is to equip every student with the creativity and resilience that will encourage them to continue learning long into their future.

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