Thursday, October 29, 2020

Vineland Drive-in Theater
443 N. Vineland Avenue | City of Industry, CA  91746

Doors open at 6 pm
Halloween Parade video preview at 6:30 pm
Head of School’s Welcome at 6:50 pm
Movie begins at 7 pm

Saint Mark’s School’s first ever Fall Family Flix proudly presents Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. While the theater’s concession stands and restrooms will be open, feel free to put on some PJ’s or your Halloween costume, pack or pick up a picnic dinner, and join us for a socially distanced, but school-united event – not on Zoom!

An overview of most of these protocols will also be distributed to you upon your arrival at the theater. If you do not follow the guidelines outlined below, the theater has the right to ask you to leave without a refund.

  • Please do not enter the premises if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms or have a fever, a persistent cough, or experiencing shortness of breath. Please also do not enter the premises if you have been diagnosed with Covid-19 or have been exposed to someone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19.
  • You must wear a mask when you are on the premises. This includes wearing a mask when visiting the bathroom and snack bar.
  • In accordance with LA County guidelines, double features are currently not permitted. One ticket per person for each showtime is required.
  • You must stay in your vehicle at all times except to visit the bathroom and snack bar.
  • You must view the movie from within your vehicle.
  • You must practice social distancing at all times.
  • When parking your car to view a movie, you must ensure that there is one space between you and the next car.
  • You must follow all other guidelines posted at the property as well as CDC and LA County Department of Public Health guidelines.
  • The theater encourages credit card transactions. Otherwise, please bring exact change.
  • One person is allowed in the concession stand at one time. No more than two adults per vehicle are permitted to pick-up food orders. If one adult is picking up an order, they may be accompanied by a child.
  • No child under the age of 12 is allowed to visit the Concessions Stand or restroom alone.
  • Theater employees are temperature checked before their shifts.
  • The theater has staff attendants monitoring restrooms and that safety protocols are being met throughout the facility.
  • The venue’s restrooms and concessions are sanitized every half hour and the number of guests permitted to enter at one time is limited to ensure proper social distancing.

Additional Viewing Details

  • Moviegoers are not permitted to sit outside their vehicles to watch the movie.
  • Moviegoers can back into their spaces if they’d like to view the movie from the back of their vehicles. If you choose to back in, you can also pop your trunk and view the movie from within your car.
  • If you will be attending the movie in a pick-up truck, you are permitted to watch the movie from the bed of your truck, but all individuals sitting in the bed must be masked for the duration of the movie.

For Questions
Jennifer De Pietro,

Thank You, Moviegoers!


Brad/Espie Anderson
The Anzalone Family
The Axon Family
Safir and Patty Bellali
The Chino Family
The Coller Family
The Coon Family
Courtney and Gavin Davis
The Davis Royer Family
The Dennis Family
The De Pietro Family
The Eichorst Family
The Enney Family
The Goldman Family
The Hare Family
The Hutton Family
The Kamin Family
The Lau Family
Eliz Lee and Eric Kau
The Liquori Family
Amy and Stephen Lee
The Lowery Family
The Melkonyan Family
The Patridge Family
The Quispe Family
The Sachs Family
The Sheldahl Family
Jennifer and Steve Tolbert
The Walley Family
The Webb Family
The Whilt Family
The Zimmerman Family

Director’s Cut

The Bhavabhutanon Family
Biggins Family
The Bonfante Family
The Chaney Family
The Chang Family
The Cunningham Family
The Flores-Arellano Family
The Garnett Family
Raffaella Barbarino and Eric Hanson
The Hutaff Family
Adri and Anderson Leaw
Ken Lee and Grace Pak
The Lim Family
Linda and Gregory Lopez
The Park Family
Linda Lopez-Perera and Harold Perera
The Reid Family
The Richards Family
The Rico Family
The Seto Family
The Tran Family
Bailey Tripp
The Wang-Otsuka Family
Catherine Chen and Ken Wu

The Call Back

Baldwin/Prevost Family
The Ballard Family
Neda and David Black
The Cameron Family
The Chakarian Family
The Ching Family
The Drugan Family
Josh and Melissa Finn
The Fuller Family
The Higa Family
The Hitchcock Family
Avery Hoffman
Geraldine Baum and Mansur Kamaletdinov
The Luck Family
The Mahnovski Family
The Marra Family
The Masek Family
The Moynihan Family
The Nunnelly Family
The Perera-Valdez Family
The Poston Family
The Quintanilla Family
The Russell Blau Family
The Sherman Lovern Family
The Simmonds Family
Daniela and Aaron Simpson
The Stipanov Marin Family
The Sully Family
The Taylor Family
The Turgman Family
The Walker Family
The Waters Family
The Yslas-Ferguson Family

Casting Session

Samera Arkel
The Boulad Family
The Cobb Family
The Donahue Family
The Elliott Family
Stephanie Eversfield
The Falzon Family
The Fish Family
Bridget Goodbody
The Gustafson Family
The Ho Family
The Kirschner Family
The Martinez Family
The McIntire Family
The Mendes Family
The Fan and Moradshahi Family
The Pasten Family
The Pipal-Keehne Family
Jeffrey and Kristy Reid
The Schoenholtz Family
The Szymanski Family
The Thein Family
The Van den Bosch Family

Experience Levels

Ticket packages help underwrite the cost of the event. Additional proceeds will benefit the school.

Premiere | $500
Tax-deductible benefit | $372

• Entry into Drive-In Movie
• VIP Parking
• Upgraded Saint Mark’s Reusable Tote
• Family Flix Pack
• Saint Mark’s Travel Wine Tumblers (2)
• Saint Mark’s LED Lantern
• Saint Mark’s Laser Etched Throws (2)
• Special Saint Mark’s Swag

Director’s Cut | $250
Tax-deductible benefit | $170

• Entry into Drive-In Movie
• Upgraded Saint Mark’s Reusable Tote
• Family Flix Pack
• Saint Mark’s Travel Wine Tumblers (2)
• Saint Mark’s LED Lantern
• Saint Mark’s Laser Etched Throw

Callback | $125
Tax-deductible benefit | $55

• Entry into Drive-In Movie
• Reusable Saint Mark’s Grocery Tote
• Saint Mark’s Family Flix Pack
• Saint Mark’s Stainless-Steel Water Bottles (2)
• Saint Mark’s LED Lantern

Casting Session | $50
Tax-deductible benefit | $12

• Entry into Drive-In Movie
• Reusable Saint Mark’s Grocery Tote
• Family Flix Pack

General Admission | $30
Entry into Drive-In Movie Only